About us Rocketry

Our mission is To educate Princeton students of all educational backgrounds on the importance of rocketry to global society and give them the skills necessary to succeed in real-world aerospace work.


We are a hands-on space enthusiast club that designs, builds, and flies a large variety of projects. We welcome people from all fields of study, with or without engineering experience, and host events such as space talks and star-gazing nights. We seek to both push limits and educate others about space.

Founded in 2015, the Princeton Rocketry Club is a fast-growing organization of more than 100 students. We give members the opportunity to gain hands-on experience designing, building, and flying a wide variety of aerospace vehicles. Besides the number of current projects we are working on, we also host events such as prominent speaker talks and star-gazing nights for the general University community. We seek to push the limits and educate others about space.

The Princeton Rocketry Club is a student organization sponsored by the Princeton University Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students.

The key components of the club include:


1. Diversity of backgrounds
We welcome people from all fields of study, with or without engineering experience, across all majors of study. In Rocketry club, we believe in interdisciplinary approach to projects, and view diversity as a strength, and not a burden. We see the future of science at the intersection of disciplines, and form our project teams from students with diverse backgrounds. If you are interested in the club, we are definitely interested in you joining! 

2. Diversity of skill and knowledge

The best way to learn is by doing, and Princeton Rocketry club recognizes that not all students have had the same possibilities to get the practical and theoretical skills needed for rocketry projects. Therefore, out club is eager to give you all the opportunities to learn and grow as a professional. We have a wide variety of projects that you can join with no background and previous knowledge about rocketry. At the same time, we have plenty of options for experienced students who wish to continue their involvement in building and design. 


3. Mutual respect
With such a diverse team like ours, mutual respect of each others knowledge, skill and talent becomes a must. Rocketry club is a space free of judgement, where each student can find something he/she will be passionate about. 

4. Safety and scientific ethics

Princeton Rocketry Club can be seen as a collegiate-level model of a professional research organization, in which the first thing to be considered is safety of others and scientific ethics. In every project, safety of both participants and others is our priority. All the work we are doing is conducted according to the federal and governmental regulations.