2019-2020 Project Teams


Design and build a solid-fueled rocket using commercial propulsion, with an 8.8 lb student-built scientific payload, and fly it to 30,000 ft, competing with thousands of students at the largest intercollegiate rocketry competition in the world. Building upon last year’s successful 10,000 ft apogee design that placed 7 out of 46th in its division.


High Power Rocketry (HPR) is similar to model rocketry with differences that include the propulsion power and weight increase of the model.

HPR is an ongoing internal club program dedicated to teaching new members the basics of rocketry in a fun and inclusive environment, while helping them obtain individual high-power rocketry certifications from the National Association of Rocketry.


Make a rocket go as high as possible with a total installed impulse below 640 Newton-seconds.

Sponsored by the Students of the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS).


RASC-AL is a university-level, full mission architecture engineering design competition. The team aims to develop new concepts that leverage innovations to improve our ability to operate in space and on distant planetary bodies. The team will choose a topic to focus on, from the following options:

  • South Pole Multi-Purpose Rover;

  • International Space Station (ISS) as a Mars Mission Analog;

  • Short Surface Stay Mars Mission;

  • Commercial Cislunar Space Development;

  • Autonomous Utilization and Maintenance for Science Payloads on the Gateway and/or Mars-class Transportation.